Siemens washing machine display symbols

If your Siemens washer displays an error, you don't have to search for the official printed manual to figure out what exactly is wrong. The tables will supply you with all the essential information concerning the errors and ways to fix them. Even if your model isn't mentioned here, the instructions for other models from the same series can apply.

Step 3: Remove the Paper. Leave the tape on the water jar overnight. After the tape has passed a night into water, I took it from the water jar. I put it plastic side down and carefully scraped all the paper out from the tape. Add Tip. This simply adds a short wash cycle before the main wash to help remove any stubborn stains. Intensive wash This is a useful setting for washing baby clothes or sportswear. It lengthens each cycle, giving your clothes a much more thorough wash. Hopefully, that’s given you a clearer understanding of what all those symbols mean. If your Siemens washing machine has an advanced touch screen display, there should be an illuminated square button with a key symbol and "3 sec" underneath it. Simply hold this button down for three seconds, the button will darken and an audible beep will indicate that the child lock has been deactivated.

The video demonstrates steps you can take to resolve a blinking tap error symbol. For further support from Bosch, please follow the link:




Here's what the natural drying symbols actually mean: If the square has one drooping line, this means you can hang your clothes to dry on a washing line outside. If the square has three vertical lines in it, this means drip dry your clothes on a rack indoors. If the square has one horizontal line, this means dry the garment flat to keep its shape.